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Glass Art Expressions 
Exclusively Unique Professional Glass Carved Designs for any Decor!

Your one stop shop for all your home, new projects,
and professional designs in carved, colored, & etched glass art.

Glass Art Guru Production Expressions will transfer, transcribe, copy and re-produce any composed art of paintings, photos, pictures, images, sketches, drawings
and corporate business logos onto any glass design of your choice.
Glass Art Expressions will create for you, your friends, your corporation, your business, architects or associations, your very own glass image expressions, by using your own prints from Photos, your Designs, existing Paintings, Sketching, Etching or whatever you wish to have copied and reproduced onto the GLASS product of your choice...
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Below please find a variety of samples 
We can make for you any Table Base of your choice according to your specifications 

Any image drawing, picture, photo etc., we can project and copy in color anywhere!

We make and produce any design you wish it to be...

We make Table Tops to your specifications from your own design or from our extensive designs with many customized beveled options!
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We can make for you any Table Base according to your specifications of your choice!

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